Friday, February 5, 2010

Look-alike Contest

People keep asking us whether Liam looks more like me or Steve so we used technology to prove once and for all that our cute little boy is a perfect combination of of our good qualities:

In other news, William is 2 months old today.  We're going to the pediatrician next week, but according to Wii Fit (thanks Honey, it was a great birthday present!), Liam weighs 10.6 lbs, which keeps him in the 25th percentile. We also made profiles of Kiki and Nike (as usual, they're asleep).

Here's a side-by-side shot so you can compare his growth for yourself. He's about a week old in the first picture, and the second was taken yesterday.    

I love that now he actually fits his clothes. I pulled out the 3-6 month clothing just to see if it would fit.  It doesn't.  It looks like it would drown him.

William's current skills/hobbies include (but are not limited to):

hanging out with Dad,


sucking on his pacifier and/or his/Mom's hands,

kicking his feet,

holding his head up,

working out (just like Mom),

"talking" to his monkey (his Christmas present, along with the pacifiers) or mobile (and sometimes to Dad on the phone),

and basically just being the cutest baby in the entire world. I know I'm biased, but show me a cuter baby and then maybe I'll change my mind.


Leslie said...

He is such a cutie April! I love his smiles!

Karen said...

Got to get down and see cute William soon!!

Matt and Karyna Bouslog said...

Love that he's into toys and cooing :)