Sunday, January 31, 2010

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa(s) Kemp and Baby Blessings

My parents came into town this week to get away (and because my mom was finally able to get off a few days in a row).

We spent Saturday with the my parents, which also included a first meeting of William's Great-Grandpa Kemp who lives in West Covina.

 Now that things are starting to settle down here, we were able to enjoy a nice barbeque (Steve's birthday present was a grill) and have a nice afternoon together.

Life with Liam has become very entertaining. I love spending time with him at home (even if he doesn't always nap) and we have great times laughing at each other and learning new things about life. He has taken to obsessing over his hands.  He will stare at them for hours and has recently gotten into licking them when he can't figure out how to suck his thumb. We have a baby book, (DadLabs), that compares life with a newborn to hanging out with a friend on a mushroom trip: "Wow, look at all the colors.  Have you ever just looked at your hand, Man?"

Sorry these pictures are so late, but back when we were in Utah over the holidays, William Gary Garff was blessed in my parents' ward and we had an open house at the Garff's to celebrate his blessing and for extended family/friends to meet this little guy.  Both sets of grandparents were very excited for the new arrival (baby #1 for the Garffs, #9 for Kemps)
My dad doesn't smile often in pictures, but I think he was pretty excited to have his name as the middle name.
And of course, his life would not be complete if we didn't get a picture of William Gary Garff with his namesakes: William (Bill) Garff and Gary Kemp.


Thomas Jay Kemp said...

I am interested in your "Kemp" line - where does the family go back to? Perhaps we're related.


Leslie said...

Mr Liam is looking so cute! And you're looking great too April! I won't leave Steve out :) - looks like a proud papa