Sunday, January 24, 2010

Here Comes The Sun

I took this photo from our bedroom window yesterday morning. After nearly a week straight of the hardest rain I've ever seen, outside of the Philippines, it feels so good to go outside again and feel the sun. The end of that miserable storm was good timing because I got the chance to cook up some steaks last night on the grill that April gave me for my birthday.
I know, I know, Southern Californians should never complain about the weather.


Karen said...

Gorgeous pic. wait a minute- Michael and Catherine weren't there-it wasn't suppose to rain.

Traci said...

Ah, Kawawa Baby(I hope that was translated correctly into Tagalog)! You have to live in beautiful, rainy California, where vegetation almost spontaneously grows. As opposed to the "lush" desert we live in. I really feel bad for you.

SGarff said...

Ahh, nice Tagalog Traci. Yeah Mom it's a shame Mike and Catherine weren't here this time. At least they could have gone skiing