Monday, August 18, 2008

YouTube of the Week: Supai Flood

A couple of years ago April and I, along with some of our friends, hiked down into the Havasupai Indian Reservation in the Grand Canyon. There is no road down there and the village is only accessible by foot, horse, or helicopter. The village itself looks and feels like a little piece of the third world right in the middle of the American West. It is also one of the most beautiful places on earth. The abundance of spectacular waterfalls creates an almost jungle like environment turning the canyon into a green oasis.
Minerals in the water color it a spectacular shade of blue reminiscent of the ocean at Maui.
This week my brother Kevin and some friends were going to camp down there but had to turn back because the canyon was flooded when a dam burst upstream. Here’s a video of this week's flood.

And one from a while back.

Here we are in the same spot.
It’s kind of sad to see the place we just visited get trashed by a flash flood.
I hope that the people of Supai will be able to return to normal life as soon as possible.


Jerkolas said...

I made it down there once when I was about 10 or 11 years old. Still one of my favorite hikes without a doubt.

Kathleen said...

I hiked in there a few years was absolutely amazing!! A place that I always remember and hope to go back to some day. I hope the Supai people will receive the financial and emotional support they need to recover from this.