Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We had a wonderful time up at the cabin. This was the first time that everyone in the family has been able to be together up there for a long time. We spent most of our time at the beach; reading, wake-boarding, canoeing, sunbathing, playing volleyball, and hitting rocks out into the lake.
On Wednesday April and I climbed Lion’s Head.

On Friday the whole gang went trap-shooting up on the wood road.

We also did a lot of huckleberry picking.

The mosquitoes were pretty bad (the millions of dots in next picture are all nasty blood-suckers).
But aside from the mosquitoes it was pure heaven.


Jerkolas said...

You know I am a pretty good trapshooter myself hitting my first 2 shots ever and going 3 for 5 on the day. I think my talents are being wasted behind this computer.

Did you guys chop any wood? That was my favorite part of the cabin. Being woken up by a chainsaw so we could get to work.

SGarff said...

Nothing like blasting something to pieces as it flies through the air. No woodcutting this year (shocking, I know). And my father never resorted to his favorite method of forcing us out of bed by asphyxiating us with chainsaw smoke. But we did get a few good late night rounds of Egyptian Rat Screw in.