Monday, August 11, 2008

Good Timing

So my older brother Daniel has been dating Karalee for over 5 years. They were shopping for rings on a date with Steve and I when we were newly dating, nearly 4 years ago. May 2007, Dan finally proposed. And after months of planning and several date changes, he finally got married on August 8. It's about time. We have been wanting Karalee to join the family (officially) for years.

From the time he met Karalee, he was beat to the altar by 3 of his younger sisters. I know it's not a race, but we are glad it finally happened. It was a lot of fun to be back home and spend time with the family. In fact, we even got a picture of all the siblings: (I know I have a funny look on my face, but it's the only picture Steve took of my entire family).

Daniel changed the date of the wedding at least 5 times for various scheduling conflicts (Steve's finals, a family reunion and my 50 mile race, National Guard training, and my dad's surgeries). The final change, and actual date of the wedding was perfect. Steve's family gets 2 weeks up at the family cabin i West Yellowstone every summer. Most other times, the cabin is occupied. We weren't sure if we would go because of having to find a dog sitter for such a long time and because it was a lot of time off work. Because the cabin is Steve's favorite place, he really wanted to go up for at least a little bit (Steve will blog about this later). The date of the wedding was the day before his parents were planning to leave. Perfect timing!

If you look at the wedding pictures, you will see my very pregnant little sister. Karina's baby is due this weekend. Everyone told her that she had to wait until the wedding was over to have the baby, which she managed just find. But because we won't be up again until Christmas, I told her to have the baby while we were at the cabin, or before we left to go back to LA. She had Kyrie Elizabeth Stephenson on August 5th, and we were back in SLC on August 9th. Perfect timing!

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Welfymom said...

Congratulations to your brother and sister on their new family members. I'm so glad you got to see them. Sorry we missed you this trip. BTW, I spent every summer for years and years at Hebgen Lake where my grandparents kept their fishing trailer. It's a beautiful place. Where is your cabin?