Thursday, June 12, 2008

Running with Nike

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About 6 years ago, I started running with my dog, Nike. I love running with him more than any other running partner (no offense Maureen and WJHS XC). He's willing to run with me any time of day (midnight, 5 am, 9 pm, etc.), any distance (1-30), and any place (fields covered in snow, along the beach, in the woods).

The Christmas before we got married, Steve gave me a different Nike running friend, the Nike+iPod, complete w/ Mp3 player. This is a sensor that transmits from my shoe, to a receiver in my iPod Nano. It tracks my speed, distance, pace, and calories over time. I am currently at 2254.32 miles for the last year and a half. Or at least that's how many miles that have been run w/ the product.

The sensor is calibrated, but is often a little off. But it is still a pretty close indication of times and especially showing improvements over time. This was the best thing to happen to running after the Nike Air Pegasus (going off on a tangent, this is by far the best marathon shoe to ever exist. AND now they make it specially fit w/ the Nike+ Sensor).

Nike+ also has a website that you can make and keep goals, and keep track of your runs. It's pretty sweet to see how many miles you can rake up. My favorite part of Nike+ is that whenever I want, I just push a button and a mysterious man will tell me how long I've been running and how fast I am. I especially like it when Lance Armstrong or Tiger Woods tell me what an amazing runner I am. It's definitely motivating to hear that I've beat a personal best and that I am amazing. It will keep me running from years to come.

By the way, I've added a link to the track my running progress. Let me know if you think I need to change my running!

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Welfymom said...

I love the fake magazine cover! Thanks for posting the link. Gotta do that and email it to my sis. Your bike path to the beach looks lovely. Sure wish we were within biking distance of the ocean. Maybe someday.