Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ballona Creek

April and I just got back from the beach. Instead of diving to the beach we’ve started biking there. There’s a great bike path called Ballona creek that starts about a mile from our apartment. From there we have a direct path along the creek without having to cross any streets all the way to the beach.

Once there we can connect to "the Strand," the famous bike path that follows the beach all the way from Will Rogers to Torrance County Beach. This week we biked to Dockweiler. We did some body surfing, sunbathing, had a picnic and then biked home.

Last week we stopped by the UCLA Marina on the way home. They were having their annual open house. We got to go sailing for free in a Catamaran. Afterwards we had dinner at Marina del Rey and biked home. Lots of fun.

Youtube of the Week: Lazy Sunday. So it it’s not technically Youtube. NBC has started posting SNL clips on their site and what’s better they even let you embed them. Thanks to Tom for putting it up first.
I nearly cried back when they pulled Lazy Sunday off of YouTube but now NBC has made up for it and I can watch it whenever I want. I think what I love most about this short is that it feels real. It seems like a real New York Sunday. These guys must have written the rap about what they actually do on weekends. All of the hyper-specific references enhance the sense of reality. Best lines: “Mr. Pibb and Red Bull equals crazy delicious” and “you can call us Aaron Burr from the way we’re dropping Hamiltons.” You may or may not have to sit through a commercial on this one to but thanks to the writers’ strike less of that ad revenue will go to the studios.

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