Thursday, February 25, 2016

Snow Days

Winter makes me really miss California. I'm not really loving the winter when I have 4 little ones to bundle up before we can enjoy it. And Jane turns purple when she gets cold, so we've been mostly indoors this winter. But we have been able to have the opportunity for a little bit of snow fun. 

Last week, for example, Bill and Karen took us to the ice castle in Midway.  It was a warmer day, so Jane did well.  It was fun to have a snow adventure. 
Lily, particularly was a fan. She kept hoping we would see Elsa, and even came prepared in her Anna dress.
All the kiddos (and even Steve!) enjoyed the slide.

We've also had the chance to go skiing, and even help William try out the skis he got for Christmas. Steve has been busy at work and it's tricky for me to go skiing with 4 littles, so we haven't been much, but we are trying to get use out of his gift.
We've had multiple attempts at making snowmen.  The kids are almost to the point where they can do it themselves.
And we've been on a couple of nature walks when the weather was nicer.

I even got out my old dog sled. It's in need of a few minor repairs, and Cricket is in need of training, but it was really fun for the boys, in particular.

And of course, we went sledding. Caleb had a couple of crashes and didn't want to go again, but we were able to get him back on the sled so winter sledding wouldn't be so traumatic.
And speaking of traumatic, I fell on a new layer of snow while on a run and came down hard.  I had bruises and scrapes all up my arm and it was pretty swollen for a few days.  After a quick x-ray, I was lucky that I hadn't broken my arm, but it took weeks to be able to put weight on my arm and do a proper plank again.
For now, though, the snow is almost melted, and the weather is lovely again. We will probably have another big snowstorm or two (boo!). We enjoyed the snow while it was here, but we'll enjoy it more when it's gone away.

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