Monday, February 8, 2016

Jane: 9 Months

Jane is 9 months! So much has changed the last few months, I'm glad I've been documenting it. 

Size: Jane has been really growing since she discovered that solid foods weren't actually so bad. She went from the 3rd percentile, down the the 1st (due to some potential allergy issues). And at her appointment today, Jane's weight was pretty good, (2nd percentile) though she's still a tiny girl at 15 lbs, 3 oz and 26.5 inches long.

Sleep has stayed good. We're all big fans.
Health wise, Jane has been better. She got a minor cold, nothing serious, though I had a nasty cough that still affects me a little while I run. But Jane has seemed barely bothered. Unfortunately, however, a result of this cold was a double ear infection and what we thought was a ruptured eardrum. Boo! We had just come home from a family dinner and saw blood all over and in her ear, all within a week of her ear infection. Luckily, it turned out that it was just from a small cut on her ear. On the bright side, her clogged tear ducts and labial adhesions have luckily cleared up, so that's good news as well.

Jane is still very content to be held all day, as long as it's by me. Other people are terrifying to her still, though it's getting a tad better when she spends more time with various people. But because she likes to be held a lot, it has put some slow down on her movement . She can roll over both ways, but Jane just usually prefers not to. We are actively working on getting more tummy time when we are at home, but Jane much prefers sitting to laying on her belly. We had to get a referral to a physical therapist to help with some of her gross motor delays.


Jane has been lovin all the foods now! I was worried when she started out so picky, but don't have hardly any food issues now. Unless you count the fact that she wants to eat everything, choking hazard or not. Jane prefers to feed herself, so we try to do as much finger foods as possible. We're still having to be careful with dairy due to a possible allergy, but hopefully we'll figure it out soon...though it would be easier if she would take a bottle.

Jane has a mostly quiet disposition, though has been babbling more, Mostly Dada and baba, with an occasional Mama when I put her down or give her to Steve. Total Momma's girl and I love it. 

Jane is a very sweet girl and is getting more fun by the minute. She LOVES to snuggle her mom and smile at her siblings. And we love having her around.

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Karen said...

She is such a cutie and we love her.