Sunday, July 29, 2012

Life as a Single Mom

Steven and William spent the week up at Hebgen, while the twins and I decided to forgo the fun of packing up all of our baby necessities (X2), finding a dog sitter, and potentially driving home with just the twins.
And honestly, it did feel more like a vacation than the vacation was seeming to be.  As long as I made sure the babies were fed and rested and otherwise happy, we got to do whatever we wanted. There were obvious difficulties (i.e. church, burping two babies at once, not being able to leave the house during naptime, etc.) but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  

We had a visit from our good friend, Angie.  She went to Universal Studios back in November and picked out these onesies before Caleb and Lily were only 20 weeks gestation. They fit perfectly.
 We were also able to go to a couple of family parties.  There was the annual Traci/Abby birthday celebration (we got a great picture of Caleb in a party hat, lol. I'll try to get a copy), and also a coming home party for my older brother Dan (who has been in Texas for the military since the babies were a week old) and coincidentally, his son Matthew, who just got out of the hospital the day after Dan came home; after several heart surgeries and a nearly six-month stay, we're glad he's done for now.  He is only six weeks older than Caleb and Lily, and probably outweighs them by at least a couple pounds and several inches. The twins would have been happier to meet him, but it was WAY past their bedtime.

The Man Basket Society came over for the monthly meeting and we all shared our favorite items under $2. Mostly, there was chocolate (surprise, surprise), but we all got a notebook and a bottle of the best purified water (compliments of Kristi's store).

Saturday night, I was even able to convince my brother Arthur to stay with the babies after bedtime so I could go on my first run this week. I had to cut it short due to the report of a creepy guy up the path, but I did run into a deer in Research Park.  My cell phone doesn't quite do it justice, but I tried.

I've started getting used to it being just me and the babies.  I had WAY more free time than in years, and got to eat broccoli and mushrooms to my heart's content.  Though I've barely left the house, so it will be good to get out again; I'm looking forward to having some adult company and toddler entertainment. My two big boys should be home in an hour!

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