Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lucky Number 2

Hard to believe we’ve made it through the first 2 months with 2 babies and a 2-year-old.  Time flies when you’re surviving sleep deprivation. There’s been some rough nights (thanks for 3 hours of crying, Caleb…) and some great nights (when he’s asleep, he’s out for the count). In fact, this whole last week, both babies have only woken once (usually around 3 or 4 am) between 7 pm-7 am, and almost always at the same time.  We’re hoping that’s a new trend.

Considering we are only at 6 weeks adjusted, I’m beyond thrilled at their sleeping abilities. It’s amazing how much nicer life becomes when the babies start sleeping better (i.e. at the same time).

Rocking the babies

But only at home.  Only with white noise, binkies, and swaddling.  In their own bed, snuggled together. And only if the awake time is under an hour. But at this point, we take what we can get.

Sleepy twins

I’m LOVING the fact that I haven’t needed a nap in nearly a week. I could get used to this “free time.”  I even got the laundry folded and put away before it was time to do laundry all over again.

We went to the doctor on Friday...found out our little Caleb has outgrown Lily! That’s right, he finally outweighs his little sister by a whopping 1.5 ounces (9 lbs. 8 oz. vs. 9 lbs. 6.6 oz.) You’d never guess by looking at them, but his head is also bigger by about 1 cm, though they are the exact same length (21.25 inches).

2 months

2 months (2)

Last month, they were both around 7 lbs., so we’re thrilled with a 2-pound gain. Just look at the difference a month makes in the exact same onesies:

1 monthDSCN3351Caleb and Lily are finally fitting into their clothes.  One day soon, they may even move up to size 0-3.

And though it’s starting to lighten and thin out, they’ve still got all that hair:

All that hair!

I feel like 2 months is a HUGE turning point with infants.  They start to chunk up, sleep a lot better, and become much more interactive.

To celebrate, we had a play date with their triplet, Madeline. The 13-day age difference is very apparent at this point, but it won’t be long before there isn’t a noticeable difference at all.

Triplets 2 months

Lily was the first to smile, and is becoming quite the social butterfly, cooing and smiling all the time.

Grandma's Princess

Just not when we take pictures.

Mommy and Lily

Caleb, on the other hand, took a bit longer.  Part of it we think is a personality thing.  He’s more the strong, silent type.  Imagine our surprise when he practically broke out in giggles today!Caleb SmileGiggle Caleb

He loves his Momma.  I got the first smiles for both of them.  Lucky me. And lucky him. The lucky little boy got my dimples. Between that and his big blue eyes, he’ll get really cute when he finally gets rid of that old man hairline.

Speaking of lucky, I snapped this gem of my three boys cuddling on the couch the other day.  I am one lucky mom.

My Boys (2)

It’s even cuter when you add in my little princess, though trying to get a decent picture of 3 kids at the same time is practically impossible.

My Cute Family

Especially with Silly Billy. At least he was willing to participate.

My cute kids

But yeah, I’m a lucky mom. Hope that luck continues. I’m about ready for a change of last year’s luck---we’re still trying to recover from that one. It helps to have some cute kids and a good night’s rest.

And a silly little boy.

Me and the kids

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