Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Budding Farmer

Alright, it’s time for a post focusing on our first born, for a change. William and I have been enjoying weekly hikes in the nearby mountains.
William has also taken up gardening with grandpa.DSCN3243DSCN3245
On Friday we walked over to “the farm” (Deseret Village at This is the Place State Park). Of course, William insisted on bringing farmer along.DSCN3374
He got a little bored while I was peppering the tour guide with questions about which of Brigham Young’s wives lived in the house at which times and decided to take a break on President Young’s love seat.

But he enjoyed the train (Caleb wanted to keep up his tough guy image).DSCN3385DSCN3401DSCN3400DSCN3398DSCN3403DSCN3406
William picked up hoops & sticks pretty quickly.
He has also taken to climbing.
He kept this up for almost 45 minutes straight
And yes, we got some pictures of the twins too.DSCN3443DSCN3449

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