Thursday, June 9, 2011

So Long, Farewell

Liam and I spent yesterday in LA, saying goodbye to two of our favorite people, Shilpa Kedia and Marissa Tate. Both of our friends are moving to Phoenix within the next few weeks (though not together), and we will be sad to see them go---but glad to have a bright side to Phoenix layovers!

Marissa has been our friend since Steven’s bachelor days in the UCLA ward---we will miss her total awesomeness and amazing spirit. Liam couldn’t bear to watch her leave.



Shilpa (far left) was my cubicle buddy for almost three years at Progressive.  Her husband just finished residency at Cedar Sinai and they are moving on to the next phase of their life---including a little girl due this September that we plan to line up with Liam about 20 years from now. Liam already loves Indian food and cute girls so I don’t think it will be a hard sell.


It was great to see all my old work friends again, even though most of them have since left Progressive for bigger and brighter things. Liam’s “uncle” Kyle even made it out for a few minutes, though he declined to stay through the girl’s night.  Every time I visit, I miss the good times in LA---and the $1 tacos at Don Antonio’s. Yum!


Julie said...

Ohhhhh Don Antonio's, how I miss thee!

Laura and Clint said...

Good job on your race a couple of weeks ago! I wish I had someone like you to run with around here.