Sunday, June 5, 2011

Races and Places

I didn’t get into the St. George Marathon this year. Though I’m still not sure whether I should be glad or sad about this, I decided to make the Fontana Days 1/2 my last “Big Race” of the year.  I’ll probably do a few 10ks and 5ks, and maybe a few other low-key races, but Fontana Days was my focus race.

I spent months training with a friend, Lisa Anderson, logging countless miles on trails, uphill, and in heavy headwinds to prepare. Our hard work paid off as we both ran a fast race.

My two cute boys came to see me at mile 10. It was awesome to have the support of my favorite people. Steve accidently left the camera on video mode, so you folks get to see what 6:45 minute miles looks like. (Summit Ave and Sierra Ave).

Fontana Days 1/2---Mile 10

I was so happy to see Steven and William. I was feeling pretty tired at that point and wasn’t sure I’d be able to break 1:30. Seeing them cheer me on gave me motivation to finish as best I could.

In fact, I ended up beating them to the finish line!

I finished with a 1:28 half marathon---an 8 minute PR!!!  Lisa finished with an amazing 17 minute PR---1:33! Unfortunately, I had a hard time finding Steve at the finish and never ended up getting a picture of us cute racing girls before Lisa left.IMGP1533

William had a great time! He loved the balloons, music, and food at the finish line.



Turns out, 1:28 was fast enough for 2nd place in my division (8th OV Woman).  That’s my highest placing in such a big race.

Race MedalsNot only did it make me super happy to get such an amazing time, but I also got a really awesome 2nd place medal out of it.


And a very tired and sore body. What a perfect day!


Karen said...

Congratulations. You are getting faster and faster. I can somewhat empathize as I am feeling a bit "hungover" from my 100 mile bike ride yesterday. So glad to see you in St. George.

Dagny said...

Way to go!!!!!