Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Revenge of the Nerds

When A + S = Baby:

Nerdy William Nerd

Liam decided the calculator was his new favorite toy. We also figure William will probably end up with glasses of his own, but until then, he just loves to play with ours.

We hope you’re not surprised by his nerdy tendencies; after all, you know his smart, sometimes socially awkward, book-devouring, Sci-Fi-watching, Big Bang Theory-loving parents.

To encourage his lifelong love of learning, I took Liam to the Los Angeles National History Museum since my brother Daniel and his wife Karalee are in town visiting.

Daniel, William, and the T-Rex

He wasn’t too sure about the T-Rex.


But William LOVED hanging out with Karalee.

Cuddling with Karalee Rainforest

And he did leave with a few new friends.

 LA NHM 007 LA NHM 003

And we also found out what William may look like if he ever decides to grow hair.

LA NHM 002

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Dagny said...

I LOVE the nerd picture. That's awesome!

April Celeste Garff said...

You would Dagny, you would. ;)