Sunday, September 6, 2009

You've Got it in Print

Steven got his law school diploma this week.  For a graduation gift, I got him a frame to put it in. Since we had to wait for the actual diploma to get mailed, it's just been an empty frame on the wall. Well, no more!  Everything else we've said about law school and graduation was inadmissable heresay, but Steve has graduated from law school and now we have proof!!!

My favorite part about getting the diploma (other than the fact that it means Steve did, in fact, graduate and having something to put in the frame) is that now we have Arnold Schwarzenegger's autograph:
Update by Steve:  I have to add that Arnold is not the only celebrity to sign my diploma.  My law school dean, Dean Schill, was (unwittingly) on The Daily Show.  He was interviewed as part of one of the show's mock news segments.  Here's the video. I should warn you that there is some crude language, though the worst offenders are bleeped.  Dean Schill appears about 2 minutes and 45 seconds into the clip.
I think he did an excellent job.  When the interviewer started getting offensive, he told him so and then ended the interview instead of letting himself fall into the trap like so many Sacha Baron Cohen victims.