Friday, September 18, 2009

Office Baby Shower

Last night, my office threw me a baby shower! A little awkward being the center of attention, but so much fun!!! Thanks so much to all of you for all your hard work, effort, and creativity! I am so lucky to have coworkers like you! 

The best part of baby showers is always the games.  My favorite was "Measure the Belly" where everyone had to guess how big my belly was and rip off streamers.  We measured to see who was closest.  

Ashlee was not (her estimate wrapped around me twice).

Neither was Maria (1.5X)

Esther won, by virtue of having the smallest measurements (Steve was a very close second, measurements obtained by using his own belly). 

Another fun game we did was to chug KoolAid out of baby bottles.  Janel won by biting the nipple and gulping it all down.

Our office tradition for birthdays and other celebrations is to have the guest of honor cut their own cake.  Here I am with the delicious Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Cake that Ruby made:

I have great coworkers.  They all pitched in (even the boys, who opted out of actually coming to the shower, probably for fear of becoming too girly) to get me some blankets and a jogging stroller!  I love that they know me so well and chose the perfect gift!!! I'll think of them every time Liam and I run together. Thanks everyone!!!


Catherine said...

What good friends and wonderful people you work with!

Karen said...

Boy- Do they ever know what you need and want!