Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Along with President Obama, April and I decided to spend this last week in Southwestern Montana, which I’m sure the President would agree, is the most beautiful place in the world.

On Wednesday April, Nike, and I took the little boat down the Madison Arm to hike up to the Horse Butte Ranger Tower.

The Ghost of The Big Shee Wun even came and visited its old dock.

The Captain’s word is law.

 We spent two nights out at the beach watching the Perseid Meteor Shower and we were even treated one night to some faint Northern Lights. 

 Nike loved going on boat rides.

And exploring in the canoe.

On Saturday a group of us assembled on Observation Point to see President Obama fly out of the West Yellowstone Airport. Alas, we were foiled by the Secret Service and Air Force One took off twenty minutes early.  But the view was spectacular as always.

Here's the Obama-watching-party just about to be disappointed.

 To console ourselves we drove up the Contour Road and blew some clay pigeons out of the sky (don’t worry, Air force One was clear out of range).

 There is nothing better than a conversation after huckleberry pancakes, bacon, and fried eggs.

Yep, the most beautiful place in the world.


Catherine said...

My face may express otherwise, but I really did enjoy my big breakfast of huckleberry pancakes, bacon and fried eggs. :) What a fun week. Wish I was there right now...

Mark G said...

Wow, great pix Mr. Garff. We couldn't do cabin this year, I'm sorry we missed it. It was really cool to see your Dad sitting behind the wheel of that old Chris Craft. Such fond memories for everyone I'm sure.

Bryn and Grant said...

Wow, that is beautiful! It is so nice to have change from the total chaos of the city once in a while! And April, it is so fun to see your growing tummy, you look so good!

Leslie said...

LOL! Love the dog lifejacket!

Looks beautiful, we've got to get up there! The baby bump is lookin good too ;)

Karen said...

Loved the Hebgen post. It was so fun having you there with us. When I get blog savy- I will have to post some pics we took on our 4 wheeler rides- some great shots looking down on the lake.