Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dodger Day III

On Thursday April and I attended Mormon Dodger night for the third year in a row. Of course we sat in the all-you-can-eat section. This year April tied me in the category of total Dodger Dogs consumed, but I left her in the dust with nachos and popcorn.

The Dodgers hold a Mormon Night every year. They do the same for a host of other churches and organizations but Mormon Night is always the biggest. The church gets discount tickets and a portion of the proceeds goes to the Missionary Fund.

Elder Ballard threw out ceremonial the first pitch. Here he is walking back in.

And Olympic gold medalist Peter Vidmar threw the ceremonial “second pitch.”

This was probably our last event with the UCLA Ward. We'll miss everyone.


Matt and Karyna Bouslog said...

Hey I didn't know Peter went! How fun. You were at hist fireside with us weren't you?

SGarff said...

Yeah, we were there. It was one of the better firesides I've attended.