Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What Happens When Steve Isn't Home...

Steve is in Ontario, taking the CA Bar and I'm here in LA.  It feels kind of like "Home Alone" (more like the scenes where he is eating ice cream sundaes for dinner or watching old movies and less like the scenes where he hates his family or is trying to outsmart criminals).
So what I have I been up to with no supervision?  Well, I went to work,

Hung out with the dogs,

Researched baby stuff,

Cleaned the kitchen,

Ate broccoli and mushrooms for dinner (a rare occurrence because Steve can't stand them),
Went to Yoku Yoku with my visiting teaching partner and visiting teaching sisters, 
And let the dogs sleep on the bed (Steve said it was okay; and yes, I will wash the sheets before he comes home).

It's been fun, but I'm glad Steve will be coming home tomorrow because I miss him.  Plus, my life is not really very interesting or exciting when I'm a hermit.

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Welfymom said...

Ah yes, the trouble we can get into when our spouse is out of town...
Get those dogs OFF the bed! ;) (It's Mike who sleeps with the dogs on the bed when I'm gone, though.)