Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So that’s why Mormon missionaries are such babe-magnets!

I guess this Axe commercial is the real deal.  They didn’t get the name tag quite right and I must ask: just where is this elder’s companion?  But they did make the slogan at the end look a lot like the church’s logo, plus I think I made out a Book of Mormon for a split second .  The clip is pretty funny. Plus I just love the song.  It will probably make some people mad, but then again, a lot of us Mormons could stand to get a sense of humor about ourselves.  

Unfortunately, as any missionary or RM can attest, this effect is all too real (no Axe Body Spray needed).  Ironically, many of the missionaries in my mission used Axe religiously (pun definitely not intended).  Probably because it is relatively cheap (missionaries have tight budgets) but strong enough to cover up the hard day’s worth of smell that is inevitable after walking through the heat and humidity of the Philippine Islands.


ebv said...

Nice catch on this one, Steve. Brazilians were just as religious about their AXE usage.

And for the record, I think Mormon Missionaries were already voted some of the hottest groups of men WITHOUT AXE.

It's just so unfair for those poor girls out there. How could they possibly resist?

Tamara said...

This is so great....they were showing me at work, I laughed pretty hard!!

Leslie said...

Wow, I can't believe it was a real AXE commercial! Seriously, the big black tag and a companion are key to tagging the missionary character, wierd they messed that up. Loved the unbuckled chin strap (that's just the cyclist in me though). I did like the song though. :)