Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Notch on the Belt

I love running with Nike. He can keep up with me any distance from 1-30 miles, doesn't care if I go fast or slow, and loves running as much as I do.  Even though he was sick today, he was so sad that I almost left him home that I had to take him running anyway. I have this great leash that I use to run with Nike. It has a padded belt that goes around me (gotta love hands-free), a pocket for bags and cell phone, and also a leash with a bungee cord to absorb some of the shock if Nike sees a squirrel. It works much better than just having a leash around my waist.

I've been trying to avoid it until this point, but the belt has gotten tighter and tighter in the last few weeks as the baby has been growing. I have been putting the leash up higher on my waist instead of sitting low on my hips.  Today, I finally stopped denying the fact that I was going to have to loosen the belt because today was the day I needed it. It's a good thing it fits up to 54 inch waist!


betsey said...

Let's hope your waist doesn't expand to 54 inches :) What a great product for you and Nike!

Welfymom said...

Remember when the "ideal" woman's measurements were supposed to be 36 24 36? About a week before I delivered my first my family (mean, mean family) measured me. Can't recall exactly why. Well my measurements were 40, 40, 40. Dang!

I'm so very happy you're growing and the baby's growing. Take care!

Leslie said...

Love the outfit! ;)
That's a great product! They make something like that you can attatch to a jogger so your waist does the pushing
Running with my first is one of the best memories! It is so great to take them with you and chat and learn

Bomb said...

Awww, belly! You should be proud of your growing tummy. And if anyone gives you any trouble about it, smack them and say, "Hey! My belly has a name. It's Baby!"