Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Biking, hiking, and philosophizing

Because April is pregnant she wasn’t exactly up to running the LA Marathon this year so yesterday we rode the LA Bike Tour Marathon instead. The race started at 5:00 A.M. on Exposition Blvd at the USC campus. 

There were about ten thousand of us that rode the course which mostly followed the path the marathon runners took after we finished.

It was fun to get to ride through the streets of LA without any cars to contend with.

April waves as we ride through Korea Town

We missed Julie as she ran by USC but April caught up with her at about mile 14 to run with her for a few miles and to snap this photo.

Kristi was down in SoCal for the long weekend so we met up with her on Saturday and hiked the Baldy Mountain trail in the Angeles National Forest.

Tree hugger!

Really, the redwoods were beautiful.

 Afterwards April and Kristi dropped me off in Claremont so that I could catch the last plenary session of The Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology  conference that was held at Claremont Graduate University this year (or as April calls it “my little philosophy club”).  It really is “little,” there were probably only about fifty or so of us in the auditorium.  But most of big* names in Mormon philosophy were there.  Professor Bushman’s presentation was very good and I even ran into an old Utah philosophy buddy.

*relative to the very tiny group of people who are into this sort of stuff.

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Catherine said...

I love marathon bike tours. They're relaxing and have lots of energy. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.