Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cleveland Indians Opening Day Weekend

As much as I would have loved to stay home this weekend and handle injury claims at the office, I took the opportunity to go out of town to "work" in preparation for the Cleveland Indian's Opening Day festivities at Progressive Field.

I got to be part of the flag ceremony during the American and Canadian National Anthems (Cleveland played Toronto).  The flag was in the shape of the USA and I was somewhere around Daytona Beach, FL.

We even got to go out to the field during the warm-up (talk about good seats!)

The weekend was full of food and fun.  We had parties every day (that counted as "work") and I even got paid to go to a baseball game.  Unfortunately, about halfway through the game, it started raining really hard and the game was delayed for about 4 hours (during which we all went back to the hotel). Once the game finally started again, it was too late and cold for most people to return (and since I was already warm in my hotel room, I was one of them).

One of the other highlights of the trip was getting to catch up with Betsey Hawkins, who is currently living in Cleveland with her husband who is working as an attorney there, and their daughter, Nora. We went out to breakfast before the game and it was a lot of fun.

I even got to meet Flo!

My flight didn't leave Saturday until later in the afternoon, so I took a walk around Cleveland, out to Lake Erie.  I'd already been to the Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame, and the Great Lakes Science Center, but it taking a walk in the crisp air was a good way to end the trip (and it made for a good photo opp).

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