Thursday, September 4, 2008

San Francisco Part 2

When we last left our heroes they had just completed their 15 hour odyssey to the city of Walnut Creek…

We capped off the evening with some quality visiting with Dave and Georgia who were real saints to wait up for us. The next morning (Saturday) April and I got up early and drove into S.F. via the Bay Bridge. We had a little time before our ferry to Alcatraz so we hiked up to Telegraph Hill.
We took a boat out to Alcatraz

I considered just leaving her in there but eventually decided against it.
Thankfully this is not the same Michigan Avenue that I grew up on.

China Town
Riding the cable cars took me back to my mission when we used to “sabit” or hang off of the jeepneys.
The Steepest street

Lombard Street

We watched the sunset beyond the Golden Gate.
On Sunday we headed up to Sacramento to Visit with Dagny and Christian Kelsey. We went to church with them. We were just going to head over to their place for lunch and then head home but we got to talking with them and their friends Matt and Sydney until midnight. Fortunately they had an inflatable bed. So we headed back down the Grapevine first thing Monday.

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