Monday, May 26, 2008

A Couple of Post Updates

I know that I could put these in the posts themselves, but then who is going to see them?

For my May 1 post: Booktober Fest ’08.

I’m glad to see that Yahoo is following my blog. Of Course the real credit belongs to Josh and Charlotte. Imagine my surprise when I opened up my web browser and saw Josh’s face front and center on the yahoo homepage. Congratulations to the Erickson’s on their fifteen minutes now that their video has gone "viral." If the video is no longer on yahoo’s homepage you can still find it on my blog under May 1 YouTube of the week. Could this clip become the next "Star Wars Kid"?

For my March 8 post: Ok Hippies, You Can Put Your Chains away.
April took this picture while she was visiting campus a couple of days ago.

File it as one more under the "silly signs at UCLA" category. I hope that our ranking in Campus Squirrel Listings doesn’t slip now that we can’t feed our bushy-tailed colleagues.
If we can't feed animals, can we still feed bruins?

YouTube of The Week:

Now that clips featured here are making their way to the front page of Yahoo I must make my selections delicately. So for this week I’m posting two again. The first is a parody of a beer commercial campaign that is a pretty accurate portrayal of the law school on campus interview program. We all know this guy.

I’ve recently joined Facebook. Though there is much to like about it, this next clip expresses some of my feelings about this new social order. Enjoy Facebook in real life.

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