Thursday, May 1, 2008

Booktober Fest '08

Some of you may have been expecting a review of Cochella this week. Although I am a music snob, as April likes to put it, I didn’t make it out this year because it’s just too big a commitment right now. Why they have to always schedule it in the middle of law school finals is most undoubtedly the result of some vast right-wing conspiracy (think about it; most law students are liberal and most Cochella attendees are as well). On the bright side I also happen to be a major bibliophile as is my wife. And the annual L.A. Times Festival of Books is conveniently held at UCLA every year. It is the largest book fair in the country, miles of white tents. So we went there instead. Which of course was a bad idea. You see, my wife and I for the most part have diametrically opposed tastes. This comes in handy because we keep each other’s purchases in check. My wife keeps me from spending too much at Amoeba Music (which is just soooo easy) and I keep her from spending too much on running doodads. But when both of us love books the ceiling disappears. This was especially true once we found the $7.50 for any book tent and the $2.00 books that the UCLA Store was trying to unload. So yes we spent close to one hundred bucks but we got twelve books. Don’t worry not all of them are just for us, but most of them are.

I've put a list of the books we got as well as some others that we've been reading on the left.

YouTube of The Week:
Two this week. Josh showed this video he and Charlotte made at last month’s Ward Talent Show. Enjoy.

This is good.

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