Friday, May 6, 2016

Sporty Kids

In lieu of paying for preschool this year, I've opted instead to use my degree and teach the twins myself, and use the money we are aging towards kid activities. Our first round, I let everyone pick their own. William, no surprise, chose karate.

He has loved it and vows to return back in the fall and/or once we find a class that is better suited to our schedule.
 I got tired of waking 3 of my kids up from naps to go to class. But it was fun!

Lily REALLY wanted to do gymnastics and I told Caleb he got to choose between karate or gymnastics to simplify our schedule.
They are so cute in their little class!!!
And I've loved watching them improve throughout the last 3 months.

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Karen said...

Great pics. Want to see them in their lessons sometime.