Thursday, April 14, 2016

Jane: 11 months

Jane turned 11 months while we were at Disneyland. Lucky girl!

Here's what's new this month:

Jane has officially been diagnosed with Reynauds Syndrome. This pretty much means her feet (and sometimes hands) turn purple when temps are below 72. Seriously, that's her baseline. Colder than that and we need 1-2 layers of socks. 
Here she is in a 72* house in a warm bath after being outside. At this point we are just watching it, but if things don't improve soon, Jane may have to take blood pressure meds to help her circulation. We've had an EKG to rule out heart issues, and her oxygen levels are tested regularly, but so far, they have been normal.
Jane can now roll over both ways! Lots of physical therapy has helped with this new skill. Rolling is a struggle and makes Jane VERY unhappy, but at least she's improving. Our PT thinks the Reynauds is related to her motor issues, but the Pediatrician isn't so sure.
Jane can also sometimes scoot backwards on a wood or tile floor, and is working on trying to learn to pull up, but we're not quite there yet.

Jane is a great eater! She even likes sushi!

Her favorite foods are anything I'm eating. The only thing she refuses is a bottle...and formula. She went on a nursing strike after we were reunited in CA, but after many tries, she finally gave in at Disney's Baby Care Center. DL for the win!

Jane has been such a happy baby lately. Leaving her has been really helpful for her  social skills. Jane now waves (even to strangers!) and is much happier leaving mom for a minute or two. So that's a plus. She also signs the word "more", which usually means more food, so that's been good as well.
I just LOVE seeing that happy face and those 2 little teeth! 

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