Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Happiest Place on Earth, Part 1

Ever since we moved from SoCal, I have wanted to go back. Steve even had a job interview in LA when the babies were 2 months old (obviously, it didn’t work out), and I was really hoping we would move back.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being in Utah: Close to family, affordable housing, no traffic, among other good things.  But I miss the beach, the weather, the people, the character, and especially Disneyland. 

William opted to do a flu shot study in which they would pay him enough for us to go to Disneyland.  Steve opted to stay home with the babies (even though he would be in Rancho for work the next week) so it was just me and Silly Billy.  It was a blast!

We flew out Saturday morning, and met my friend Kyle (from Progressive) for lunch at the Counter. It’s my favorite burger place in SoCal and I’m bummed there isn’t one here. William refused to speak to Kyle, so that was a bummer, but I did get a sweet Progressive tote as a parting gift.

After lunch, we drove down to Santa Monica Beach to spend the afternoon in the sun and sand.

2014-02-22 Beach Day 002

2014-02-22 Beach Day 008

Our William is a total beach bum.  I even got him to jump in the waves. He could spend all day in the sand and water.  Guess we need to come back this summer.  Or build a sandbox.  One of the two.2014-02-22 Beach Day 010

2014-02-22 Beach Day 017 2014-02-22 Beach Day 018 After the beach, we went to Westwood for Diddy Riese and to drive by UCLA.  William was tired and not feeling well, so we just shared an ice cream sandwich and hit up the grocery store for supplies…like Disneyland tickets.

We stayed with Steven’s Uncle Dave in Reseda that night. William was a huge fan of Dave and Mary Lou.  I think the toys helped, lol.

The next morning was our tour of SoCal.  We drove from Reseda out to church in Rancho Cucamonga to see some old friends. I don’t think a lot of people knew I was coming even though I announced it on FB, because I got a ton of shocked (but pleasantly surprised) faces and so many hugs. I’ve never been so warmly received in my life.  Makes me want to move back.

After church, we visited my 89-year-old Grandpa in West Covina. William is into rockets and space right now and was really excited to meet a real rocket scientist. It didn’t hurt that he gave us some lemons and limes to bring home. My grandpa has Celiac disease and between that and his age, can’t travel much, so this was the first time we had seen him since the move.

2014-02-23 SoCal Tour 002 Next stop was Irvine with the Bouslogs. William and Macey picked up right where they left off. They had a great time together.

2014-02-23 SoCal Tour 004 2014-02-23 SoCal Tour 005

He even drew her a picture. He said it was Daddy and Caleb and Lily and William and Mommy with a baby in her tummy. 2014-02-23 SoCal Tour 006Not an announcement, though I did get a little baby hungry at church after a day without mine.  I had to borrow babies from friends. :)

The other side was a dog and William and Macey, I think.2014-02-23 SoCal Tour 007 

After dinner, we were off to the Bode’s place in Grand Terrace.  It was 3 hours of driving that day.  Ick.

William LOVED Gwen and Audrey. They weren’t entirely sure how to combine bad guys and princesses, but they still had a lot of fun and we were sad to leave.

2014-02-23 SoCal Tour 008 2014-02-23 SoCal Tour 010 And I would have been sad to miss out on seeing Rebecca (and little Nolan!). After someone cooks you dinner and drives 20 miles to clean your house multiple times, it really cements a friendship, I think.

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