Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Trying to be Like Jesus

Silly Billy is as funny as ever.  Though we have our battles (like being nice to babies, taking a “nap”, and of course, clean-up issues), he is overall a very sweet kid. We often have discussions about whether something is choosing the right or wrong.

William has a great moral compass. He often talks about how he will get married to Stella in the temple after he goes on a mission. I love that he already has a good life plan.  But today took the cake. We had the missionaries over for dinner, so William wanted to play “Stake Conference.”   

Because we go to stake conference with multiple babies, we usually sit in the overflow with a video feed.  So Liam set up his own little monitor, and sang a song about Noah, complete with hosannas.  The first verse was better, but we didn’t get it on camera…It was about Noah building a boat, a big flood (the typical Noah story)…but ended with the bad guys killing Noah.  Wrong Noah, buddy.

If he grows up to be a Stake President, I am so using these videos to embarrass him.

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