Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pinterest Projects, part 2

Things have been really crazy here, so I haven't been blogging much, I'm sorry.

Steve has been working long hours, we reseeded and landscaped the backyard (still in progress), and a kitchen remodel is in the works. But I have had time to do a few things that I have found on Pinterest.

Like, a command center:

And Papa's "Stache" of trail mix.

A Dad Star Wars kit (for my dad):

And the back rub shirt:

I am really horribly awful at finishing projects (I have at least 10 half projects at any given time), so the fact that I did 4 in a month is pretty amazing for me.

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Laura and Clint said...

We should get together again sometime for a play date. I don't know if I still have your phone number. You should text it to me at 801-822-3024.