Monday, February 25, 2013

Milestones and Memories

It's been a week of milestones at our house; Caleb got his first tooth (gotta love late teething nursers!!!), learned to crawl (That kid will do anything for food or drink!),

and also figured out how to get into a sitting position from his belly (once or twice, anyway).

Lily is a little motor, pulling up, crawling around at lightening speeds, and taking what she wants from anybody.

Lily is particularly fond of pulling books of the shelf and taking things out of boxes and bags.

She is getting her two top teeth in, putting our grand total at 11 months at 5 teeth.

William is a pro at going potty all by himself, and even remembers to wash his hands and flush. He knows most of the letters and is working on the sounds. And of course, he is still as silly as can be.

William has always (once we got to 6 months old, anyway) been a decent sleeper, and we have had minimal problems, even with weaning his binky or transitioning him to a big bed. Now, unfortunately, he had a couple of weeks where he insisted sleeping with mom and dad since there were "flies in his room".  Yeah, I know. Of all the things to be afraid of, our kid picks flies. Due to the bribe of cartoons and a Superwhy shirt if he stayed in his room until the sun came up (I can't be Mom until at least 6 am), he finally has gotten back into his own room, 5/6 times. It wouldn't be such a big deal if we didn't get kicked all night and if William's room was downstairs, but I think we will sleep better with the prior arrangements of one to any beds smaller than twin-size. William can also put away the silverware and is (albeit slowly) learning to dress and undress himself, making my load a bit easier.

My kids are getting so big I can hardly stand it! They have even started exercising to be more like Mom:

One of these days I won't have babies at all anymore. While I will appreciate not bring so demanded depended upon, it definitely makes me understand why people keep having babies.




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Valerie and Mercado Family said...

Austin had a few weeks when he slept in the guest room b/c he was afraid of the lady bugs in his room. They must be cousins!