Thursday, February 23, 2012

So Long, So Cal!

We decided having two babies at once would be much easier with our family around, and moved up to SLC in mid-February.  We had an ENORMOUS bucket list of things we wanted to cross off, and luckily, were able to finish all but a few. This list including standard moving items like cancel utilities and find new doctors, but we also managed to squeeze in a whole lot of fun since we don’t know how long it will be until we come back.

Top of the list was a trip to the beach…luckily, the “winter” weather cooperated, and we had several days in the 70s. It was glorious.

Beach run



Wave Jumping

We got to spend one last afternoon there with the Titeras (not pictured), and went to my favorite burger place for dinner (The Counter). 

Next on the list was a day trip to Travel Town to see the trains.

Choo Choo

Dad and trains


We even saw a few deer on our train ride.

Family Train

And yes, I know my belly is that big.  There’s over 7 lbs. of baby in it.Toy Trains

Silly Billy

Since the trains were right by the LA Zoo, we took advantage of our season passes to stop by for a few hours. As usual, the monitor lizards and apes were big hits.

Monitor Lizard

Monkey Man


And of course, what So Cal Bucket List would be complete without a trip (or 5) to Disneyland?  We got to go see World of Color (a big hit with the boys) and also spent a day there each with my sister Sherrie and her family, and Steve’s cousin Derek’s family.

Liam had a lot of fun with his cousin Nick.

Liam and Nick

The other cousins were less of a hit, so it’s a good thing we found Pluto.

Pluto and Fire Truck

The best part was ElecTRONica.  Liam was dancing to the music and had an awesome time.  Too bad we forgot the camera.  He was a HUGE hit with the ladies.

Our William is all boy…his life seems to revolve around vehicles and Disneyland is no exception.

Double Decker Bus

Fire Truck

Mr Toad

Rocket Ships


Toon Town Fire Truck

William and dad even got to go on their first roller coaster together.  It was such a hit, they immediately went on again.

Go Coaster

William called it a “fast choo choo”.

Fast Choo Choo

I think we are really going to miss California, especially because with the twins coming, I’m not sure when we will come back.  It’s funny, 5 years ago, I practically had to be dragged into moving here, and now, I don’t want to leave.  We’ve made some amazing friends, done some awesome things, and are leaving with some incredible memories. 



Karina said...

Love all the photos. Blake went on his first rollar coaster ride when he was 2 at Disneyland and called it a "fast choo choo" also. So much fun!

Leslie said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm sure it will be hard to leave California, but that's great you were able to relatively easily for help with the twins. They are going to be so much fun! I'm sure a lot of work, but I'm jealous, I have loved being a twin and always wanted to have a set. I hope the rest of their baking period is good to you!

thailiz said...

Glad you'll have family around to help out! Enjoy Utah, we hope to get there again someday! Take care of yourself and those babies!

Laura and Clint said...

Where on Salt Lake are you living? We will have to hang out sometime. I hope the last part of your pregnancy goes well.