Friday, March 25, 2011

Disneyland Days and other Recent Adventures

The worst thing about Disneyland, is that we can’t be there all the time. Our Disneyland annual pass expired this week. Due to the current state of limbo in our lives, we decided not to renew. It was a very sad, difficult decision. Luckily, we were able to spend lots of time at Disneyland the last few weeks.

Last Thursday, Steven didn’t have to work until 1, so I left the boys at home and went to Disneyland all by myself. It was an extremely interesting experience. I got to bypass the lines and use the single-rider option* (only available on certain rides) and could go at my own pace.

Haunted Mansion sans baby trip

It was loads of fun. I would highly recommend it.

This week, Liam and I took advantage of the one day it didn’t rain to spend the day at Disneyland with Rebecca, Gwen, and Audrey Bode, and Rebecca’s brother Greg. It was crowded, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

king arthur's carousel

the whole gang

Gwen and Liam have really gotten to be good friends. Liam just loves to laugh and play with her, and Gwen is always very sweet to him.

stepsplaying with gwen

The highlight of the trip was getting to see Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends. I’d never waited in line for the characters since I didn’t think Liam would be interested.

waiting for pooh


Gwen loves all things Pooh-bear, so we decided to brave the wait. It was worth it.

There were a few rough spots during the 30 minute wait, but Tigger and Eeyore thought Liam was so cute they came over to visit and cheered him up. Liam immediately gave Tigger a hug (unfortunately, we were unable to get the camera out fast enough) and the crowd let out a huge “awwww”.

eeyore eeyore hugsWhen it was finally Liam’s turn, he went right up to Pooh and gave him the biggest hug.

winnie the pooh greetingpooh hugs

Again, the crowd was awe-stricken. It was that cute.

group hugEeyore and Tigger were no exception to the love.


awwwww love eeyore

eeyore hugs (2)

But none of them got quite the reception as our good friend Winnie, so I gave in and got Liam a souvenir of his choosing to commemorate our final Disney Days.

happy new pooh toy

pooh toy fun

Gwen also ended up with a souvenier Minnie, which perfectly coordinated with Liam’s Mickey (from our first time to Disneyland).gwen and liam matching toysBut the fun didn’t stop there---Rebecca had made cute little owl hats for all the kids. Trying to get a picture with all of them in it was complicated. owl hats bffsAnd we weren’t successful. At least they enjoyed it.hat offAnd of course, the obligatory matchy-matchy photo since Father and Son happened to dress alike that day.matchy matchyWednesday was our last day at Disneyland. Even though it had been raining all week, the weather had been good that day, and we took a chance. It started pouring as soon as we pulled of the freeway about 4 pm and didn’t stop until we left the park around 8. Ready to goWe had fun anyway. No lines!Dumbo (2) Liam was even able to chase the ducks.Duck chasing

And get caged.wild animal trainThe best part, however, was Toon Town. I had never really taken Liam to see it, and now that he’s walking, he had a blast. I regret not doing it sooner.

pluto at mickey's house


toon town couch jumpingAfter too long, William got sick of posing for pictures and just wanted to play.


The real highlight of the day was getting to meet Mickey. Liam has loved his Mickey doll since he was 3 months old and seeing the real thing was a treat for everyone.

giving mickey to mickey hugging mickey

mickey Mickey (2) We will miss Disneyland. Hope to go back soon!

One nice thing about not having a Disneyland pass, is that we have more time. Our life is crazy busy right now. I’m busy as a personal trainer at Bally Total Fitness so Steve and William have to help out around the house more.

helping dadfixing


They do a pretty good job. Besides, I need all the help I can get some days. :)

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