Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Silly Billyness: The New Dog

I’ll admit it: I’ve been puppy-hungry since my dogs grew up. Who doesn’t love puppies? I was finally able to convince Steven that we needed another dog in our lives, and the new puppy fits right in.


kennel (2)

We brought the new puppy to visit Steven’s Uncle Dave and Aunt Mary Lou in Reseda, and their granddaughter Audrey, couldn’t get enough of him. And Billy followed her around all afternoon.

toy dog

chasing audrey

I think Audrey misses her own dog.

audrey and the dogleashed

What REALLY happened is that Billy discovered how much fun dog stuff is.

kennelin the dog house

Especially the treats. He can’t decide if he’d rather eat them, or feed them to the dogs . treats yummy dog treatsFeeding the dogs is one of Silly Billy’s favorite things to do.good kikiUnless you count playing in the water. dog water(Does it make me a bad mom for taking pictures while he’s doing this? I can’t help it, it was way too funny!)water bowlPoor Nike has to hide out on the couch to get away from all the attention.

cozy Nike

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Jacy said...

So cute! I think bad moms are the ones who can't appreciate the humor in these kinds of pictures. You are a GREAT mom, so keep snapping (and posting) away!