Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Lame Excuse for the Lack of Posts

We’ve been busy.

Spent a weekend in St. George, with Liam screaming and waking up every few hours like he was a newborn.  When 3:45 rolled around, and my alarm went off, It felt like I had just fallen asleep (thought I actually did get to, thanks to my sweet husband staying up with the vacation-hating baby). Luckily, the perk of being awake early in the morning is the view.



I ran about 6 miles and found a volcano (and 20 more miles) that decided to make me question my love/hate relationship with The Marathon. We’ve decided to start seeing other people for the next year.  Non-marathon people. We’ll see if I get in next year.

mile 6 in veyo

I felt like I should have been fast enough to finish the marathon in time to watch conference.


I wasn’t.


But we did have lots of fun with Steve and his parents.

IMGP0946hanging with dadswimming reading with grandma garff

And after the trip with The Trip-Loathing Son, we still decided to fly up to Utah the next weekend for Kristi’s Wedding.

Kristi and Jordan

One of the first times we have gotten to go to the temple since this guy was born (since we still haven’t sorted out the whole babysitting thing in our new place).  It was nice.

temple pic

Lots of trips and milestones.

Take the weekend of the St. George Marathon, for example.  The day we were planning to leave, I woke up to William doing this in his crib:

pulling up

A trip to the pumpkin patch turned mildly disappointing, but made for some nice holiday photos.IMGP0998

 IMGP1003                  We’ve had numerous Adventures in Eating.

feeding the baby

As you can see, Liam can now feed himself (and is almost done with baby food).


And he FINALLY learned to crawl (for real).  He’s still slow.crawling

And still cute (as if you ever doubted).


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