Monday, November 16, 2009

Kicking the Habit

Today was my last day of Lovenox and asprin (for now).

My hematologist tested my blood levels on Friday and everything looks good. Since the baby is now full term could come at any time, both the hematologist and the OB think it's better to be off the blood thinners until after labor to prevent any possible issues with delivery. Unfortunately, I'm not completely off drugs, since I still have to take a pre-natal and a Folbic tablet (mega-dose of Folic acid + B12). But now my belly won't look like this anymore:
It's also nice to not have to get induced and have the option of an epidural. I did get pretty good at giving shots though, (you'd hate to see some of my earlier bruises, you'd think I'd been beaten or hit by a car) and my doctors all commented on the nice symmetry of the bruising. And it will be nice to let the bruises heal. Not that it I'm suddenly going to start wearing crop tops or bikinis during the next few weeks, but if is going to be massive anyway, it shouldn't also have to look like I've gotten in a fight with my fetus.


Julie said...

You should totally sport the bikini at 37 weeks pregnant. We are in LA, after all.

Geez I did not realize how awful the shots were! I am going to Liam what a good momma you are every day. Yay for being done with the shots, yay for not having to be induced (maybe), and yay for baby Liam coming! We are almost as excited for you guys as we are for ourselves. =)

thailiz said...

Wow, maybe someday baby Liam will appreciate all you've done for him! What a relief to be off most of the meds - take care, and good luck!

Leslie said...

"...I've gotten in a fight with the fetus" LOL!

What were the shots for?

Dagny said...


Tamara said...

Ouch, that totally reminds me of my IVF days. Good luck with everything, I can't wait for our Williams to play together!!