Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dog Tired

Nike was so tired from our strenuous 4-mile "run" yesterday that he slept all through the Sunday morning session of General Conference like this:

Or maybe it was the bath that wore him out?

Either way, he needed both these activities. Look how clean he is! It might be the last time he gets washed before the baby comes because I'm having a hard time manuevering in the tub to get him clean.

He didn't do anything but sleep the rest of the weekend. He didn't look particularly comfortable, but boy was he out! He barely even opened his eyes when I came up to him. It reminds me of when my brothers Albert and Peter used to fall asleep in the closet or in a pile of socks (they always fell asleep in the weirdest positions). Or the time that Arthur fell asleep under the Christmas tree and we had to call the police because we couldn't find him after a 4-hour search.

Also, here's an upated photo of Rita, since we haven't posted any pictures since she was a baby:

She got to play while the dogs were outside drying off after their bath so we snapped a few photos.

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Arthur said...

I'm so glad to be used as an example in your blog...