Sunday, July 20, 2008

Farewell Marisa

This morning April, Seth, Star, Julie, and I drove down to Orange County for Marisa’s mission farewell. She’s leaving for the Czech Republic next week. We’ll miss her and we know that she will be a fantastic missionary.
Last night we went to the Bet Tzedek Justice Ball in Hollywood curtesy of Mac’s law firm. It was a total swank fest. The tickets were worth $150. But because we have cool friends we got to go for free and got to try and pretend like we fit in with L.A’s elite. The Psychedelic Furs played and we even got swag bags, though I'm sure that they don’t compare to the ones they give out at the Academy Awards.
Update: April wanted me to make it clear that the liquid in the bottle that she is holding in the above picture is nonalcoholic.

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